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    About You


    How useful was the information on the website?
    How easy did you find it to book and pay for the training online?

    The Training

    Course Content
    Course Presentation
    Value for Money
    Time Allocated

    Training Modules

    Module 1: Welcome Training Tour and Goal Setting
    Module 2: Individual SWOT Analysis Mapping and Review
    Module 3: Positive and Negative Motivators and Drivers
    Module 4: Your Mission and Vision
    Module 5: Your Professional Interview Audio

    How Did The Training Help With:

    Sharing Your Best Self
    Making a Difference
    Finding Your Professional Voice
    Gaining Confidence
    Contributing More
    Handling Questions
    Feeling Grounded
    Expressing Concerns
    Professional Development
    Deeper Reflection skills

    Your Comments

    Any further training you would find useful?

    The Future

    How likely would you be to recommend COGUK training?
    Would you be prepared to discuss your feedback in more detail?

    And Lastly

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