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COGUK Programme and Co-Production Options

The COGUK Training Approach

Our speaker skills training for groups emphasises team-building and leadership speaker skills. Participants build confidence in speaking using simulation exercises , become better at formulating and articulating their point of view, and build skills in handling questions and challenges effectively. Through these skills participants become more effective team members and leaders, better able to understand those around them and to pull people together for a common goal or purpose

A Co-Production Approach

The COGUK programme is adaptable to the requirements of your individual team or department. We focus on the particular needs of each group of trainees, taking into account their level of experience and your overall goals in booking the programme.

In this way each training programme is jointly conceived by COGUK and the stakeholders booking the programme. We will discuss with you what you want participants to gain from the programme and the direction they are likely to take in the future. In this collaborative, co-production approach, we ensure that we are working in line with the values and ethos of your organisation, and that participants will be prepared for the challenges they will face in being effective communicators and leaders both right now, and as they progress further in their roles.

Benefits of COGUK Training

Our training and final LIVE audio podcast interview is designed to build confidence and the firm foundations for further personal professional development in participant’s’ particular field of work. We build transferrable skills for speaking with other health professionals, presenting at meetings and working in a group. Whether as a leader or chairperson or a participant, our training helps build the skills required to be heard and understood, bring others together and to make a difference in whatever capacity the participant is working in.

The finished Audio Podcast Interview can be shared on social media or linked to a professional Facebook or LinkedIn profile to demonstrate the individual’s speaking skills and personal mission, providing an introduction to their values and their skills. It can also be used as a professional introduction for websites and speaking events.

“The coaching with Robin has been really beneficial and has provided insights that I definitely wouldn't have got otherwise”

- Coaching Programme Participant

- Coaching Programme Participant

Training Delivery Options

COGUK training can be undertaken either as an individual, or as a group.

A group could be just 2 or 3 colleagues or up to 6 individuals taking the training together. Larger “organisation wide” teams can also be accommodated  dividing a larger total number or people into a manageable learning group. We bring together mixed groups too for certain parts of the training.  This ensures communication and group leadership  skills are developed right from the start, as the group progresses through the training and tasks together.

Over 4 weeks, the group meets for 5 different modules with their coach. Each module has a different focus, from mapping your own personal attributes, defining your professional mission and vision, and finally culminating in a live podcast-style interview which puts into practice the leadership speaking skills the participants have developed throughout the course.

Programme Breakdown


In module 1 you’ll begin by getting to know the rest of the group and your trainer, and building rapport within the group.

We’ll also explore and discuss what it means to give and receive candid feedback, and the direct communication style we’ll be working on throughout the course. We’ll discuss how comfortable you are with candid and direct feedback, and use this to gauge our group communication throughout the programme.


The essential first step in the process of becoming an authentic speaker, understanding the principles which underpin what you do and why. This will guide you in handling challenges as well as connecting more meaningfully with others.

So, during module 2 we’ll discuss your motivators and drivers – your reasons are for doing the work you do and what really drives you deep down. From there we’ll develop and discuss your “Mission” and “Vision” to further inform your chosen direction of travel as a professional and individual.


Building on module 2, in module 3 you’ll work on developing and recording your Professional Elevator Pitch. This is an up to 30 seconds introduction to who you are, the work you do and what you are working to achieve. In doing this you’re learning to clarify, focus down, express and represent who you are and what you offer in a short and sharp, memorable sound bite.

You’ll also start formulating the 5 questions you want to be asked in your professional full podcast interview in module 4.


Module 4 is the culmination of everything you have learned and explored up to this point in the course. You’ll have prepared 5 questions to answer about your role and your vision for the future, which you’ll answer as part of a podcast-style recording which we’ll record in one take. You can share the finished podcast on social media, and use it in the future to demonstrate your skills in communication and the value of your work.



In the final module, you’ll listen back to your podcast(s) as a group. You’ll discuss positives and negatives, and give each other further feedback on how you come across and what you can do to continue improving your Leadership Speaker Skills. We’ll review the course and self-appraise, and you’ll give feedback to the trainer on what you thought of the course and delivery. You’ll also discuss how you would deliver the course if you were the trainer, the approach you would take and anything you might do differently.

Bespoke modules delivered by Our coaches specific to their expertise 

We offer a range of opt-in modules and can develop elements to suit different audiences and supply specialist speakers too.

Popular modules include  –

  • Handling Speaker Anxiety
  • Leadership Skills for Speakers
  • Overcoming “Imposter Syndrome”
  • Enhanced Presentation Skills
  • Speaking “up” for BAME Health professionals
  • Speaking “out” for Diversity for Health Professionals

We also support developing new material on Health and Wellbeing for Health Promotion

360 Feedback and Train the Trainer

We use a process of continuous 360 feedback as a form of dialogue to ensure all aspects of  the training are optimised for the Groups involved and meet expectations

We understand many people in Healthcare Leadership roles may also have clinical work too making developing an understanding of individuals needs imperative

Onboarding and Group Work

Before we start module 1 there is some preparation work, Grouping teams, setting up Notebooks online and an outline of the training days and dates

This comes on the form of an online workbook, background resources and submission of our onboarding survey which is used to assess needs and wants of the group.

Training formats using MS Teams, Zoom, face-to-face

We have designed a programme that could be delivered in a mixture of formats at different points through the modules

We are using MS teams since this allows certain features in NHS settings. ZOOM is easy to use but less integrated in other workstreams

Spreading out modules and group meetings and using an online format allows for more flexibility to meet participants diary demands

Face to Face training  works well for some settings and can mean the programme can be covered over a couple of days



“I’d say the key thing I’ve learnt from Robin is how to be truly reflective of my own practice and leadership style through your poignant questions and observations. I went deep into that reflection and got to the root of why I chose my health professional career path”

- Coaching Programme Participant

- Coaching Programme Participant

Exploring a Suitable Programme with COGUK and our Pricing Options

Pricing and Bespoke Packages

  • Pricing is calculated on a sliding scale based on the number of people taking the course.
  • As a guide Our standard 5 training modules with all materials and Coaching sessions from £95 per person for group bookings
  • Discounted rates are available for charities and other nonprofit organisations as well as Student HCPs in full time education on a recognised course.
  • For multiple teams of 6 professionals within NHS Regions, STPs or CCGs we are also able to offer enhanced package rates as well as reporting and outcome analysis.
  • Please contact us with your requirements, training module tailoring and to discuss pricing options or visit our pricing page

Booking the Programme

Once we have booked the training for your group, a COGUK trainer will be in touch to canvas the group for availability and schedule the online meeting dates. These video online meeting sessions will be booked through our online booking platform and confirmed by email. We will use Microsoft teams for the online work throughout the training

This course is sold subject to our terms and conditions.

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