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Group Inter-Professional Development Coaching without Showreel (Shared project costs) – Up to 4 people


Book this group coaching programme to work directly with a COGUK coach and your peers to develop your skills as a healthcare professional.

You will work through a total of six modules during the programme, each with a mix of individual and group tasks – all designed to improve your knowledge and understanding, communication and leadership skills, within a healthcare environment.

Booking the Programme

Once you have registered to the programme a COGUK coach will contact you directly to create a schedule that suits you.


Programme Breakdown:


You will be introduced to your COGUK Coach and the details of the programme will be explained in full to you. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions about the content of the programme and explain exactly what you are looking to get out of the course, so that the coach can help to tailor it to most benefit you.


Individual S.W.O.T. Analysis Mapping & Review

Listing your Strengths can be the easier part of this process for many people, reflecting on Weaknesses can be a deeper process that takes longer. Opportunities can arise from engaging in activities that can be a positive influence on your development. Threats (or blocks or barriers) can have a strong negative influence if they are not put ‘in check’ but can be converted successfully into a more positive influence and direction.

You will learn why and how to conduct a SWOT analysis to understand your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats – before working on your own personal SWOT.

You will then come together with the group to share the experience of completing a SWOT and then discuss some of the key themes that arise amongst the group and lessons that can be shared to make the process even more useful.

Group Dynamics and Teamworking

Understanding where you are positioned within your professional group and how you can utilise everyone’s individual strengths to achieve better outcomes is vital in healthcare collaboration.

You will explore the ideas of working as a group through the concept of tensions that exist within different leadership attributes. We use a reference article that will be made available for you to read beforehand to prepare. This will form the basis of a discussion and you can explore where you feel you are positioned and feel most comfortable, where you feel you need to stretch to adapt your approach or where you can find the right members within your team who have the attributes required for the group to work optimally.


Feedback: Developing Critical “Friends” & Candour

Receiving critical feedback from your peers that is well intentioned, productive and developmental is something to be encouraged. It is important that the recipient feels safe and comfortable in how feedback is provided. Finding positive attributes as part of the feedback process is also imperative to produce balanced feedback.

Looking at the past two exercises, you will be asked to find two positive and two negative attributes in a peer which you will then feed back to them as a practical exercise which will then be repeated in reverse. Finally, you will be asked to review your peers’ approach by letting them know how you felt after hearing the feedback you received.

Positive & Negative

Positive & Negative Motivators & Drivers

Understanding what drives you forward is key to a successful collaborative career in healthcare. We will help you reveal both the underlying positive and negative motivators that drive you in your individual professional journey. These will help you to understand yourself better and become a more effective healthcare leader.

You will list your positive motivational influences as you see them, as well as negative motivators which are also drivers but may have negative consequences on your decision making and clear-thinking. We will examine and explore this in relation to biases that can occur when you are influencing others or helping decisions form.

We then explore, as a group, how motivators can transition between being positive or negative or both. After reflecting on alternative categorisation, you will then be asked to review your initial list and migrate descriptors accordingly.

Group Mission & Vision

A clear mission and vision will help you to understand exactly where you want to go and how you plan to get there. Your COGUK coach will help to support you in building your own mission and vision as a healthcare professional.

The process will help you develop a good work-life balance as well as helping you direct your professional goals from the outset. This is a work in progress, which can be iterated, developed and reworked on a regular basis to suit your needs. Stopping to reflect is all part of good leadership practice.

You will be asked to come up with an individual 50-word statement which summarises how you perceive what the mission and vision of the group could be. These statements will then be discussed to formulate a collective, group strategy statement that is agreed in the next module.

Group Strategy Statement

To make this session work efficiently, you will need to appoint a meeting Chair. Your first task will be discussing who that Chair will be.

Once assigned, the Chair will lead a group session to create your final group strategy. The Chair will help the group explore individual contributions and derive a succinct text that is agreed by everyone as a good summary of all views at the meeting.

Finally, the group will give feedback to the Chair on how they led the meeting, using the feedback model explored in the third module of the programme (Feedback: Developing Critical “Friends” & Candour).

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