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Individual (Bespoke) Content Development Workshop & Event Design with professionally produced video


Book this workshop to work directly with a COGUK coach to learn how to develop and deliver a professional healthcare event of your own! You will select a healthcare topics of your choice and be coached through the process until you are ready to deliver an event of your own live.

Your event will be recorded and professionally produced before being made available to you for distribution on your website and social media channels. Your event video will also also be promoted across COGUK digital platforms and is designed to raise the profile and evidence the knowledge of our healthcare professional members.

Booking the Programme

Once you have registered to the programme a COGUK coach will contact you directly to create a schedule that suits you.


Programme Breakdown:


You will be introduced to your COGUK Coach and the details of the programme will be explained in full to you. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions about the content of the programme and explain exactly what you are looking to get out of the course, so that the coach can help to tailor it to most benefit you.


Defining your event subject area and why

Our content development and event design workshops are built to provide both you (as a healthcare professional) and the wider public, with a range of highly-valuable video content that can be used as an educational tool and a way of highlighting your expertise. The event offers direct value to a live audience, as well as continued value as a health education tool thereafter.

Choosing a subject for your event that can translate into valuable video content, that is both of interest to you and an area you feel will have value to our audience is key.

Your coach will help you to define this subject with you.

Explanation and definition of event format

You will learn how your event will be formatted and distributed online, as well as how it will be promoted and trailered before the event through social media and other digital channels. You will be taken through the recording process and learn how your event will be produced as a video.

Mission and vision

Framing the event content and flow (telling a story)

In this section, you will explore ideas of storytelling within the context of your experience along your professional development pathway. You will learn about how storytelling can be used as an effective tool for both you and your patients to explain and explore complex ideas in a simple and effective way.

It is important to define a structure which has a clear beginning, middle and end as well as develop interaction with your event audience.


Defining audience takeaways (self-improvement, knowledge, awareness)

Every video produced through our COGUK programme must be of value to both you (as a healthcare professional) and the wider public audiences. They should include content which boosts self-improvement, conveys knowledge to improve health and raises self-awareness.

We will define the key audience takeaways that should be delivered within the video and begin to structure them within a wider context.

Content Development

Development of key elements of content

You will begin to brainstorm your ideas and start to filter them into a core event concept. The key takeaways and general structure of your video will be formed in this stage. Now is the time to start to generate the content.

Audience attention span and time constraints will be considered at this point.


Storyboarding: Graphics choices and key wording (5 frames)

Your coach will explain how to keep the content of your event informative, clear, focused and engaging. You will be shown how the event will be recorded and produced by our team. You will have input in this process and the final decisions that are made on the design of graphic elements within your video.

You will work on putting together a set of five key points that will be used throughout the video to tell the healthcare information that you want to convey.


Like with all productions, having some practice runs with constructive feedback will help you gain confidence and polish your event to make it work in the way you intend.

You will rehearse your event with our COGUK coach and review and analyse a recording before the final event goes live.

Final event and recording

When your event has been produced it will be scheduled to be delivered live. The live event will be recorded and produced into a final video by our team.

It will then be added to the COGUK website and promoted across all of our digital channels.

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