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TEST – Individual Communication Skills Development Training Programme with Audio Podcast Interview

Standard Rate £0.50 | Student Rate £0.40

Our training and audio podcast interview is designed to build both confidence and the foundations for your personal professional development in your particular field of work.

The course culminates in the production of an audio podcast which will be promoted on the COGUK website if you wish, as well as made available for you to use as your own professional introduction and audio mission statement!

Booking the Programme

Once you have registered to the programme a COGUK trainer will contact you directly to create a schedule that suits you and your trainer. These video sessions will be booked through an online booking platform and confirmed by email.



Programme Breakdown:

Welcome & exploring your professional goals

You will meet your COGUK coach online in an initial welcome meeting and discussion, during which we’ll go through the course content in more depth and you’ll be able to ask any questions you have.

We will discuss your professional career journey to date and where you want to go in the future. You’ll have the opportunity to explain what you’re hoping to get out of the course, allowing your coach to tailor the training so you get the most benefit.

We will use a SMART goals format to explore further your needs and hopes for your professional development.

We will look at confidentiality and how we communicate, and set some goals and hoped-for outcomes. We will look to find times we can meet virtually over up to 8 weeks to complete the all the work on Mondays or Fridays.

Time: Up to 2 Hours including self reflection time


Individual SWOT Analysis Mapping and Review 

To help you really get to know you and for you to get to know yourself we need help you dig deep into what you feel you do well and also what you could sincerely improve upon in your own estimation. Within this process we will also look at examples from your professional world and seek out opening and new ways to operate. It is key to overcome or work around barriers to your forward progress too. Learning to reflect deeply is a key skill for your future as well as for this process with COGUK.

This module consists of 5 sections:

  1. Exploring your Strengths, Weakness areas, Opportunities & Threats or Blocks
  2. Self reflection time to complete the SWOT
  3. Presentation and detailed analysis of SWOT together
  4. SWOT rework and refocus as needed in self reflection time
  5. Final review &  to align with your GOALS

Time: Up to 2 hours 15 minutes split over 5 sections

Positive & Negative

Positive & Negative Motivators or Drivers

Understanding what drives you forward is key to a successful collaborative approach. We will help you discover the underlying motivators – both positive and negative – that drive you in your individual professional journey. This will help you to understand yourself better and operate more effectively in your role.

  • Positive Motivator and Negative motivator mapping
  • Review and refocussing discussion session
  • Final outline of how to use all your drives to best effect

Time: Up to 1hr 45 minutes including self reflection time


Defining Your Mission & Vision

We will explore what a “mission” and “vision” really are and how they might me useful to you both personally and professionally.

Establishing a clear mission and vision will help you to understand exactly where you want to go and how you plan to get there. Your COGUK training will help to support you in building your own mission and vision as a professional in your field.

This Process will culminate in you writing a 50 word mission and vision statement for your self to act as a baseline for work on this topic you can then revisit in the future!

Time: 2 hours 30 minutes including self reflection time


Your Professional Interview Audio (5 questions)

As you come to the end of the development stage of this module, you will work with your COGUK trainer to produce an audio interview.  You will work to decide on the five questions you would most like to be asked in your professional interview audioThe answers to these questions should seek to reveal the depth of your professional insights, experience and training that provide you with your professional voice. Your recording can then be shared with other professionals and the wider community via COGUK and made available for you to share via your own social media channels.

The process of forming your professional interview process is designed to give you the confidence and clarity to express who you are and what you do – as well as how and why you do it – within a particular area of your professional work. It’s really the process of discovering and sharing your best self!

Time: 2 hours 30 mins. including self reflection time and a recording rehearsal, final interview and feedback session

Last steps  – We ask you to send us back a feedback form to explore how the COGUK training process worked for you, how your goals were met, and any other feedback!

We may invite you to consider becoming a COGUK trainer coach at the end of your training to help expand the network of adding new skills to more people who want to share their best self – like you!

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