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Key Speaking Skills -
For All Healthcare Professionals

Helping to Develop your Leadership Voice and Confidence

Our Training

About Our Bespoke Training

We offer a personalised approach to training in professional leadership communication skills, whilst helping you develop your inner confidence. Our training is appropriate for a wide range of healthcare professionals, from AHPs to trustees, board members, those in public health and anyone who has a health and wellbeing message to share.

COGUK training takes a fully-individualised approach. We work with groups of trainees to communicate better with their audience, whether fellow professionals or the wider community. We explore your unique strengths and sensitively discuss any weaker areas to move you forward.

There are 5 main modules in our training programme taking approximately 10 hours in total to complete. Sessions are planned over up to 8 weeks and are carried out online and through a bespoke training workbook. There are sessions for online training together as well as time allocated for self reflection using the materials we provide.

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COGUK Founder Profile

Robin Lansman is an Osteopath AHP and a former President of the Institute of Osteopathy. He is clinical director of Body Back-Up Healthcare in London and Maidenhead, and has many years experience working both as a healthcare professional and as a trainer and educator.

He is an AHP advisor to the Office for Health Improvement and Disparities OHID (formerly Public Health England), a board member and trustee of the Institute of Health Promotion and Education.

Robin is a Coach on the UK’s Council of Deans of Health, highly esteemed 150Leaders Student Leadership programme.

He also appears regularly in the Press and on BBC TV and radio, discussing and advising on healthcare issues.

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Robin Lansman D.O. AHP MIHPE
Robin Lansman D.O. AHP MIHPE

Training and Booking Process

COGUK training is delivered online on our Monday and Friday dedicated training days. Other days may also soon be available to accommodate group availability.

There is an online workbook which you and your training group will complete as you go through the training. It will help you reflect and learn more about your self and help you prepare for our online training meetings.  You will be sent worksheets by your trainer. We will be in touch to arrange your first welcome meeting and further online sessions.

There are 5 main modules (10 hours) in total. These are planned ahead over up to a maximum of 8 weeks.

We use the Microsoft Teams secure booking system that confirms your meeting sessions by email. The email has a video link that will connect us at our booked session time. You will need a laptop or mobile with suitable internet access for our online training.

COGUK training can be counted as over  10-12 hours of CPD which includes background reading and research, short work assignments, reflection and developing your mission, all of which are made applicable to your particular area of professional work.

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Our training includes online meeting, self-reflection and development

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