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Team-Building Podcast LIVE

Team speaker skills grow as Participants build confidence in speaking using our simulation exercises. Teams and individuals become better at formulating and articulating their point of view, and build skills in handling questions and challenges effectively. AS a full circle and through these skills, participants become more effective team members and leaders, better able to understand those around them and to pull people together for a common goal or purpose.

Our training and final LIVE audio podcast interview is designed to build confidence and the firm foundations for further personal professional development in participant’s’ particular field of work. We build transferrable skills for speaking and presenting at meetings and working in a group. Whether as a leader or chairperson or a participant, our training helps build the skills required to be heard and understood, bring others together and to make a difference in whatever capacity the participant is working in.

The finished Audio Podcast Interview can be shared on social media or linked to a professional Facebook or LinkedIn profile to demonstrate the individual’s speaking skills and personal mission, providing an introduction to the Team. It could also be used as a professional introduction for websites and speaking events.

  • We will begin by getting to know the rest of the group and your trainer, and building rapport within the group.
  • We’ll also explore and discuss what it means to give and receive candid feedback, and the direct communication style we’ll be working on throughout the course. We’ll discuss how comfortable the team is with candid and direct feedback, and use this to gauge our group communication throughout the programme.
  • The essential first step in the process of becoming an authentic speaker.
  • The team will start formulating the 5 questions you want to be asked in the final Team podcast interview.
  • You can share the finished podcast on social media, and use it in the future to demonstrate your skills in communication and the value of your work.
  • In the final module, we listen back to your podcast(s) as a group. We explore and  discuss positives and negatives, and give each other further feedback on how you come across and how to communicate clearly and engagingly.

Bespoke modules delivered by Our coaches specific to their expertise 

We offer a range of opt-in modules and can develop elements to suit different audiences and supply specialist speakers too. Popular modules include  –

  • Handling Speaker Anxiety
  • Leadership Skills for Speakers
  • Overcoming “Imposter Syndrome”
  • Enhanced Presentation Skills
  • Speaking “up” for BAME 
  • Speaking “out” for Diversity
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