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COGUK Leadership Speaker Skills Training Feedback

This form is for use by trainees on completing COGUK training and is used to improve our service


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    About You

    The COGUK Website

    How useful was the information on the website overall?
    How useful were the interview examples?
    How useful were the online resources?


    What was your experience of the pre-course preparation and onboarding?
    How easy did you find it to manage the preparation between sessions?

    COGUK Training

    Course Content
    Course Presentation
    Time Allocated
    Your Coach / Trainer
    Scheduling and Arranging Meetings Using MS Teams
    Value for Money

    Core Training Modules

    Module 1: What is the real impact of "feedback" on Leadership Speaker Skills
    Module 2: Your Goals and Motivations - setting the "tone" for Leadership Speakers
    Module 3: Knowing yourself as a Leadership Speaker and sharing your "story" with greater confidence
    Module 4: Keeping your Mission and Vision "in mind" for Leadership Speakers
    Module 5: Podcast and Interview coaching - Asking yourself to "explore your best self" through a set of 5 interview questions

    Additional Training Modules (if applicable)

    Handling Speaker Anxiety
    Leadership Skills for Speakers
    Overcoming "Imposter Syndrome"
    Enhanced Presentation Skills
    Speaking “up” for BAME Health professionals
    Speaking “out” for Diversity for Health Professionals

    How Did The Training Help With:

    Sharing Your Most Authentic Self
    Finding Your Professional Voice
    Gaining Confidence
    Contributing More
    Handling Questions
    Feeling Grounded
    Expressing Concerns
    Deeper Reflection skills
    Giving Feedback

    To what extent do you feel the training has helped you develop: (1 = not at all, 5 = very much)

    Group working
    Effective communication within a team
    Presenting to a group
    Speaking with new audiences
    Was doing the podcast interview "all in one take" a useful challenge?

    Who Might COGUK Leadership Speaker Skills Training Be Useful For?

    Future versions and enhancements for this COGUK leadership speaker training programme (1 = not useful, 5 = essential)

    Face-to-face training sessions
    More e-learning style online modules
    COGUK speaker skills train the trainer programme
    Developing support for AHPs to develop specific topic modules as the "output"
    More audio Q+A practical
    More on practical leadership skills and role play
    More on mindfulness and feeling grounded
    More on diversity / equality / inclusion speaker skills
    More on making the most of Placements
    More on using Speaker skills to assist Workforce retention

    Any further support you would find useful?

    One-to-one coaching
    Communication skills
    Creating and presenting new material
    Practical presentation techniques

    Any other further support you would find useful?

    Your Comments

    Balancing Measures

    Did the speaker skills training process and outputs cause any negative impact on other areas of your work?

    The Future

    How likely would you be to recommend COGUK training?
    Would you be prepared to discuss your feedback in more detail with a COGUK trainer?


    Your overall reflection on COGUK Speaker Skills Training

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