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We encourage our coaching groups to recommend resources for this page, that have inspired their Leadership Speaker Skills or underpin their professional ethos and motivate them to make a difference in their sphere of work.

To add a submission, please send a link via the contact page.

NHS Leadership Academy

We have worked to design our training modules so they can be used to support other leadership training at any level. The idea is to help anyone in a healthcare Leadership role deliver their role by helping them polish their speaker skills. Our training suits those new to a role or those who want to freshen up their approach to their leadership speaking to make more impact and leave a memorable positive impression.

Reducing Pre-registration Attrition and Improving Retention

The RePAIR (Reducing Pre-registration Attrition and Improving Retention) project has enabled HEE to gain an in-depth understanding of the factors impacting on healthcare student attrition and the retention of the newly qualified workforce in the early stages of their careers.

‘A long way to go’: ethnic minority NHS staff share their stories

“‘It’s been a journey… I’ve had to work ten times harder in order to have the opportunities everyone else [has].’ As part of our research exploring race inequalities in the NHS workforce, we spoke to Angela, who works in behavioural…

Nursing Times – Study shows ethnicity plays part in staff decisions to speak up

“NHS staff from Black and minority ethnic groups continue to face barriers speaking up about workplace issues, according to research reported by the National Guardian’s Office (NGO) today.” Nursing Times – Study shows ethnicity plays part in staff decisions to…

HCPC – Standards in Practice: Being open when things go wrong

The HCPC reference the January 2019 PSA report Telling Patients the Truth When Something Goes Wrong in their guidelines for being open when things go wrong, and how Duty of Candour applies when explaining things that have gone wrong to…

Asking a question and making a difference.

Our concept at COGUK that involves coaching Leadership skills focuses on key Speaker Skills training. The idea is that anyone representing others can build confidence and make even more of a difference to the community that they represent. Many good…

COGUK and the NHS Healthcare Leadership Model

At COGUK we have seen that a reflective leadership style leads to a deeper understanding of one’s own professional and personal motivations. This is the starting point in many ways for a 360 approach to leadership and forming healthy teams, in many settings.

South West AHP Faculties: 2020/21 – A year in review – Video

Allied Health Professions Faculties play a key role in shaping the future of the AHP workforce. In 2020 the focus was on forming faculties – finding a shared purpose, setting priorities and building relationships in the system.

Levelling Up Executive Summary

Government whitepaper on levelling up in the UK

Becoming a Community Leader

Excellent resources from Community Tool Box on becoming a community leader    

RCSLT Leadership Resources

The Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists have a thorough and useful guide to advice and resources on leadership.

The Nolan Principles

The Nolan principles are 7 key principles designed to guide those in public life.

CAIPE Interprofessional Education Handbook 2021

The CAIPE Interprofessional Education Handbook provides a comprehensive background and set of tools for both understanding interprofessional education and for implementing it in the real world.

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