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Asking A Question And Making A Difference.

Asking a question and making a difference.

Our concept at COGUK that involves coaching Leadership skills focuses on key Speaker Skills training. The idea is that anyone representing others can build confidence and make even more of a difference to the community that they represent.
Many good intentioned people do not have the training or background skills to make sure their voice counts. They attend meetings, but sometimes feel unable to fully participate due to a lack of confidence or understanding of processes. People sometimes even hold back on volunteering for things they feel passionate about because they do not have the depth of communication skills that would enable them, they feel, to give their best.
Asking the questions they have deep inside is so important, as this is the genesis of change through learning. This applies as much to the person who poses that unasked question to those who might contemplate answering that question Рthe learning and understanding goes both ways. Answering a challenging and heartfelt question can change the responders thinking and feelings about a topic. An unasked question is a wasted opportunity for everyone.
So often after a meeting people talk in smaller groups. They feel perhaps rattled by what happened or was agreed or voted on.¬† They may realise they had something to say in public, but regret they didn’t say it when everyone was assembled. The moment is lost.
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