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COGUK And The NHS Healthcare Leadership Model

COGUK and the NHS Healthcare Leadership Model

COGUK training embraces the healthcare leadership model used by the NHS.

At COGUK we have seen that a reflective leadership style leads to a deeper understanding of one’s own professional and personal motivations. This is the starting point in many ways for a 360 approach to leadership and forming healthy teams, in many settings. 360 Leadership means everyone on the team and those the team connects with all provide constructive feedback to help move everyone and the organization forwards.

Feedback and professional growth
As healthcare professionals confidence comes from experience as well as study. Feedback is also an important part of  professional growth. Giving and receiving feedback are two skills that needs to be developed. How candid can one be? How can you say how it really feels? Will my feedback be too direct and offend? Making feedback truly useful, means being totally honest and caring rather than brutal.
Open communication style and kindness
Honest and open discussions provide the best work environment. Communication skills and empathy are skills some people have naturally – or they perhaps appear to have, an easy way with people. They keep things friendly and remain approachable even when the going is tough.
It is hard to withdraw, what has been said with an apology and far better to communicate sensitively and truthfully, using good listening skills together whilst putting you views across, from the outset.
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