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Key Speaker Skills Helping Develop your Leadership Voice and Confidence – A Coproduction Project

This podcast is a conversation between Carrie Biddle AHP Lead for Health Education England SW region with Founder of COGUK Robin Lansman AHP and Coach for the training programme.
We explore the background for the project and how it has been designed to provide interprofessional Leaders of AHP faculties and also AHP Fellows Leadership Speaker skills. The key was to build their confidence and engagement within and outside of their teams.
The 5 Modules develop insights and self reflection skills to provide greater Leadership authenticity as well as inherent confidence to help AHPs find their Leadership Voice.
The modules are designed for MSTEAMS online for 28 individuals based in 5 Counties of the SW of England. This project has also been a team building opportunity, that has spanned over approximately 8 weeks. Between coached sessions teams were encouraged to meet and reflect and then co create their Mission and Vision for their group. |This is designed to lead to 5 Questions they would like to be asked of themselves to help them explore their work and passions, for a final PODCAST interview for sharing on social media.
We have also worked closely worked with 3 AHP Fellows who go on to produce individual podcast Interviews as the output of the training to share on social media with colleagues and others. It has been important to bring out individuals contribution and flare to the fore front of their podcast interview.

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