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Video – Reaching further into the community to explore physical & mental health & wellbeing

Video – Reaching Further Into The Community To Explore Physical & Mental Health & Wellbeing

Robin Lansman D.O., Osteopath and Stella Duffy, Director at Fun Palaces discuss the topic of ‘Reaching further into the community to explore physical and mental health and wellbeing’.

Points discussed throughout the video include:
• Community mental health and physical health and why it is so important
• Having fun with others is a great way to encourage people to work and play together in their communities across the country
• Cross pollination events that encourage people to form interests that are out of their normal range of interests
• Groups and how they support more engagement in health and well-being
• The planning and delivery of events can be part of the community benefit to health and well-being itself
• Health professionals reaching their community in new and innovative ways that engage people in better health and well-being

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